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Rush Creek Farm is situated in Rush Creek, near Dayboro, Queensland. When purchased in 2007, it was a neglected ex-dairy farm over-run with lantana and other weeds. It is 22 acres with 2 dams and a creek running through the middle of it. There is just over half an acre dedicated for food forest and veggie garden, and 400 metres of swale just constructed to be planted out with Avocadoes, Macadamias and Mango amongst other trees and plants. Cattle, sheep and chickens also run on the property.

Rush Creek Farm is a work in progress, with the ultimate aim to have a truly amazing farming system in place such that we are easily producing an abundance of food, rich in nutrients in a sustainable, organic way. We minimise waste within the entire system, through energy and nutrient audits, and we also minimise the food miles by distributing the produce passively through our network of friends and family.

100% of the profits from this farm will be directed to christian missions and charities.