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If you would like any of our products, give us a ring or email and we can work out a time to give them to you. We aim to predominantely use ingredients from the farm, but sometimes we have to source them elsewhere.

Aloe Vera Drink
Great health benefits. Made fresh straight from the farm. Needs to be consumed straight away to maximise the health benefits. This is a natural product - no preservatives or nasties.

Apple Cider Vinegar
We buy this unpastuerised apple cider vinegar in bulk so we can pass on a small discount to our customers. Not only does it have amazing health benefits to us, our sheep and chickens also greatly benefit!

Works out to be $1.25 / glass. Put it in your fridge and have Kombucha on tap. We can even tailor the natural flavourings for you eg. lemon, lime, orange etc.

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Kombucha Start Kit
Make your own! This is just the scoby and starter tea with instructions.