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  • Did you know within 3 hours of picking certain fruit and veg, enzymes start to die. This is why picking and eating straight away is the best.

  • Did you know that mass produced food in a monoculture environment using chemicals is often poor in nutrients because the chemicals have compromised the soils ability to give the plant the full suite of nutrients? A refractometer is an instrument that is used to test nutrient density. You can use this to easily test and compare the food you buy in the shop to the food you grow in your own garden.

  • Did you know what a swale system is? It is a big drain on contour so that when it rains, water soaks into the ground rather than running off down the hill. It is a fantastic growing system for trees.

  • Did you know that by rotating the paddocks and increasing biodiversity, it is possible to negate the need for worming poisons that kill the good worms as well as the bad? This means the soil and animals become healthier.

  • Did you know that if you grow beans next to geraniums, they use it as a natural trellis, and also benefit from the bees and other beneficial insects that are attracted to it? This reduces the pest load, eliminating the need for harmful poisons.

  • Did you know that bananas can provide shade for your compost heap, creating a micro-environment, and also be fertilised by the nutrient run off? The dead banana leaves can also be composted in situ, saving time and energy.

  • Did you know that instead of putting down dead mulch in your vegie garden, you can grow a green living mulch? There are many benefits to this - its free, its permanent, and it enhances the soil structure, promoting beneficial microbial activity. The key is to choose the right types of plants.

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