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Financial Projects

Aged Care Feasibility Model, Brisbane, Australia
Two models were created to assess the commercial viability of an aged care facility. One model was used for high level assumptions, and the second was extremely detailed, producing very robust results.
Invoice Tool, Brisbane, Australia
A tool was created to automatically create an invoice. The tool was customised to handle coal sales involving a number of pricing levels and various payment types. A feature of the tool was that it sourced all the necessary information from the company's databases, saving significant amounts of time and also reduced the chance of errors. The tool also had security features so that two people were required to change sensitive information.
Business Model – Action Challenge, Mackay, Australia
An operational and financial model was developed for an adventure based campsite called Action Challenge.  The model helped the management team to structure their capital development plans and set appropriate pricing for the various camps.
Resource Sharing Model, Singapore
As part of a study to determine the viability of combining several shipyards from separate sites into one, a model was constructed to determine the number of resources that would be required to share amongst the users. The model calculated the utilisation of each resource, the average waiting time, and the average queue length for each resource. Through sensitivity analysis, it was possible to determine the optimal number of resources to ensure that each user’s needs were met in addition to ascertaining sufficient latent capacity to cater for additional users. This operational model was linked to the financial model to determine the viability of the venture.
Ferry Study, United Arab Emirates
A model was constructed to determine the viability of using a ferry operation to transport goods and passengers along the Persian Gulf, as opposed to using Trucks. The ferry and truck operations modelled in Extend, were linked directly to a financial model in Microsoft Excel. This model was also animated using Proof animation.
Intergrain Terminal Valuation, Vietnam
Extensive market research into the South-East Asian organic dry bulk product market with the aim of generating future throughput forecasts to 2025 as a key element of a business plan for a proposed dry bulk terminal in Vietnam.
Toogoom Marina Feasibility Study, Australia
A feasibility study was conducted to determine the viability of developing a Marina at Toogoom, Queensland. Market research fed directly into an operational and financial model so that what if analysis could be performed. The analysis identified a range of development strategies that optimised revenue against capital outlay.
Ariadne Car Park Modelling, Australia
Development of an operational and financial model for multiple BOOT schemes (Build, Own, Operate, Transfer) for car parks across Australia. These models were used to determine project viability.
Allocated Pension Viability Model, Australia
Cost-benefit analysis to see what key performance indicators were necessary to make a product viable to offer for a superannuation company.
Development of Actuarial Valuation Software, Australia
Detailed valuation models were developed to automate tedious operations. The model made extensive use of macros in Microsoft Excel to generate user friendly operations.
Insurer Changeover Model, Australia
Analysis of Sunsuper member databases and comparison of various insurers to choose the best insurance option for Sunsuper members. Development of program/model that automatically reported for each member what their current insurance policy contained, what it will need to contain in the future and if they can be better or worse off.
Actuarial Valuations, Australia
Actuarial support for various actuarial valuations. The actuarial valuation software package SuperVal was used.
Fee Analysis Model
Quantification and consolidation of fees for over 50 investments and calculation of investment fees to tell members what each option costs.